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G.R.A.M.Z, Nitty Scott MC, Fame School& DP at Elite Soles

G.R.A.M.Z, Nitty Scott MC, Fame School& DP at Elite Soles

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The #4fun Locos and a few friends hit the road to CT for a show at Elite Soles/Rampage Skate shop. Road to CT was shorter than assumed but the ride seemed like years thanks to drugs and traffic. Finally got to CT and was blown away (haha). Elite Soles is pretty fucking dope (shout out Big Lou & DJ), they have everything you need to be lit. Clothes, shoes, brews, trucks,…

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Trukfit #Greatness at Community 54

Trukfit #Greatness at Community 54

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Truly had a great night at #Greatness. Community 54 always has some great events with Trukfit, but ths one was turned out to be my favorte thus far. Free Modelo and Myx Moscato to get wavy then a veggie burger from the Hood Chef and some pistachio Ciao Bella for dessert. Good vibes, good music and good people, even OG Mary came out and had a brew.

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"Tell them that its human nature."