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Met Dyme this summer at a rooftop BBQ in , Gramz told me he rapped and was pretty nice. Since I had my laptop just decided to look him up. Stumbled upon a gem titled Fathers Day and a few others. Just when I thought New York was gone Dyme has a listening for #HIPHOPE at the fader. Good vibes and great musc. Free to Gogh, The Gold, White Girl, Body On Me, Triple Darkness, and Make me feel…

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Murder Murder ft. Chanel Murder

Murder Murder ft. Chanel Murder

IMG_9139 IMG_0598 IMG_0609 IMG_0618 IMG_0622 IMG_0630 IMG_9091

Did a shoot in the lower east side with my home girl Chanel Murder. Flawda folk taking over!

On the flip side we did a shoot today and she shot me pics from todays shoot coming soon.

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Do Black Lives Really Matter? March on Staten Island for Eric Garner

Do Black Lives Really Matter? March on Staten Island for Eric Garner

IMG_2907 IMG_2896 IMG_2900 IMG_2903 IMG_2887 IMG_2883 IMG_2888 IMG_2873 IMG_2875 IMG_2879 IMG_2869

NYPD stole Big E’s(Eric Garner) Life.

Police Nationwide have been outright murdering black men for decades.

Never have I felt safe in the presence of an officer and that speaks volumes on who’s being protected.

Change is possible through the education and uplifting of children.

One day Ill father a young black prince or a princess and with our diligence they can grow up n a world where…

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Fools Gold Day Off (NYC) ft. Remy Ma, Black Dave, & many more

Fools Gold Day Off (NYC) ft. Remy Ma, Black Dave, & many more

IMG_4875 IMG_4892 IMG_4895 IMG_4898 IMG_4921 IMG_4928 IMG_4933 IMG_4931 IMG_4964 IMG_4978 IMG_4979 IMG_4991 IMG_5018 IMG_5022 IMG_5034 IMG_5049 IMG_5059 IMG_5064 IMG_5070 IMG_5081 IMG_5097 IMG_5113 IMG_5122 IMG_5123 IMG_5135 IMG_5212 IMG_5208 IMG_5202 IMG_5200 IMG_5197 IMG_5185 IMG_5162 IMG_5154

Fools Fold Day off was beyond epic. They really outdid themselves. Felt kinda bad for not gong to the the West Indian parade being that Im of Jamaican decent, but after A-Trak brought out Remy Ma, Camron, Travis Scott and more. The line up of talent was impeccable there were hip hop legends like the Lox and fresh talent like Black n William Wilson. All of my woes…

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"Miss me with the hype shit"