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How I got paid to hang out with my Girlfriend

How I got paid to hang out with my Girlfriend

This past 4/20 and Easter sunday was like no other. Well, my 4/20 wasn’t like last years (link to past post), but it was still pretty chill. It started early af bout 7:00am, sounds fun, right ? I had a shoot scheduled with Jamaican model Nastasia Mitchell for 9:30 am in South beach. Hit up Jasmine to see if she was up, she said she was already ready to go. Got my stuff picked up Jasmine n headed…

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A New Generation of Digital B w/ Giark

A New Generation of Digital B w/ Giark

Giark is the son of the legendary Bobby (Digital B) Dixon. When I went to Jamaica last year I was blessed with the opportunity to not only meet Giark but literally stay in the house in front of the famous Digital B studio. Jah works for real. I happen to know Giark through a friend he grew up with that migrated to Florida. Working with Giark was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I was…

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Muckfogley for GHETTO YOUTH, USA

Muckfogley for GHETTO YOUTH, USA





Clarks Mi Preffer // via GHETTO YOUTH, USA

After seeing the ROMPING ROTI SHOP pics from Jahneen’s new project Ghetto Youth, USA I got hype as fuck.

tumblr_n3bjgdfJWY1rcmzl2o1_1280 (1)

Instantly reached out to Jahneen to express my love for the project. The name Ghetto Youth, USA is so fucking cool, I feel like it describes us american born yardies perfectly.

Anyway, about a week or so later Jahneen and I linked up, she told me…

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